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Using NDIS Data to Assess Your Business and Help with Decision Making

Overview In the past, decision makers in a business relied on gut feelings or maintain status quo when faced with changing business environment.…

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First Time Experience – Caring for a Loved One with Special Needs

Introduction Caregiving can be both incredibly rewarding and burdensome at the same time. For most first-timers, the impact of having to offer an…

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Abuse by Carers

Overview Generally speaking, much has been done by all the stakeholders in care environments to provide the best possible quality of service and…

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Special Education Needs (Australia Data)

Background Children in need of special attention in Australia are those with learning difficulties, disabilities and health related conditions. As discussed in one…

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How Does Culture Affect Diagnosis?

Overview The aim of this article is to look into the impact of culture on physical and mental disability in Australia’s clinical setting;…

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